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I was returning almost every lead until I got tired of waisting my time and canceled insure me leads Your Thoughts on This Cool Reverse Mortgage Strategy for Boomers InsureMe has technologically advanced geographic, lead and consumer filters compared to many other companies They offer a personal account rep and additional resources to help make sure that you're successful in converting the leads you receive.

InsureMe does not “beat around the bush” when it comes to bad leads insure me leads As long as there is fake or inaccurate information, any bogus lead can be returned for a credit Welcome to the world of internet leads Why anyone would front $1,000 of their money for "future leads" is beyond me.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you contact the lead as soon as you receive it insure me leads Call you credit card company & find out for sure if you are over the time limit to dispute.

I have a couple more ideas but you need to call me as too long to type out here insure me leads Since 1993, InsureMe has been generating insurance leads online insurance auto auction los angeles This makes the company one of the oldest in the entire industry The company takes great pride in client retention, with more than 500 agents that have been signed up for more than five years While custom filters cost extra, some leads have fixed filters that can be implemented for free.

cheap auto insurance raleigh nc We submitted basic information and quickly got a quote from one company and the option to get more car insurance quotes from four others We also got email contacts from agents in short order InsureMe makes the whole process fast, uncomplicated and informative InsureMe has been in the online insurance lead generation business since 1993 Their agents are loyal; 500 have been signed up for 5 years or more.

In 2008, InsureMe was acquired by BankRatecom Since 1993, InsureMe has been generating insurance leads online This makes the company one of the oldest in the entire industry.

the guy was very accomodating we'll see how it goes from here From our research, it looks like there is a very high probability that InsureMe has a Lead Sharing Partnership with NetQuote and possibly other lead companies MAJOR pre-existing health conditions (cancer, heart attack, AIDS, pregnancy, depression) or declined coverage.

I had $1,500 in the account I now have$1,20750 Doing the math, I used 9750 from the $500 they gave me I spent$195 of the $1,000 I paid.

1500-120750=29250/3=9750 RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : Mr.

At that time InsureMe had multiplepromotions, but Mr **** decided to activate his account with thenon-refundable 50% matching funds promotion This promotion matched 50% of theagent's initial payment, from $100 up to $1000 Mr.
Mr **** has used InsureMe's service before and utilizedother promotions that were completely refundable Mr**** chose the lead types on his account and agreed to the areas to receiveleads from He called our service team sporadically since the inception of hisaccount to make account changes, verify email addresses and inquire about leadcredits.
****, offering leadcredit for reasons outside of our credit policy on multiple occasions Duringhis time with InsureMe, Mr **** has taken advantage of our liberal creditpolicy and has only paid for 26 of the 71 leads he has received A large numberof those credited leads were courtesy credits from our service team, eitheroutside of policy or without verification.

**** to find products in desired areasto utilize his funds, but we will not refund nonrefundable funds In summation,Mr **** signed up for the maximum promotion offered, knowing that it wasnonrefundable InsureMe is willing to help Mr.

REVIEWS CONSUMER REBUTTAL TOBUSINESS RESPONSE : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the responsefrom the business) Asstated before, I used InsureMe over the last 4 years, off and on I am well awareof this company and quality of leads they provided me in the past That is whyI repurchased leads I took advantage of the promotion because I expecteddecent leads like before I understood that the money was non-refundable.

Thestatement ''offering lead credits for reasons outside of our credit policy'' isabsurd I only request credit if the number is bad or they never wanted thequote On occasion, I would request credit and I was denied!!! Unfortunately, Icannot go back more than 60 days to view my past leads As of today,06/07/2012, within the last 2 months, I had received 27 leads.

In my book, that is 23 bad leads out of 27 85% badleads within the last 2 months Funny thing is out of the 4 ''good leads'' Ionly got in touch with 3 of them I do not submit credits if I cannot reachthem Asfar as them saying they will ''work'' with me, what can they do? Send me leadsI can use??? That was why I paid them $1000 in the first place.

I do not agree with this I am NOT going to pay more for leads Theyclaim to have a new system in place but it seems worse than before I believethey added this ''new system'' and added VERY BAD lead source companiesthinking the new system will filter out the bad numbers.

It has become a joke at InsureMe I was taken advantage of when Isigned up They did not tell me it will take them a year or two (hopefully fortheir sake) to figure out their new system Ipaid $1000 into this very bad lead source company expecting they will live upto their end and send me good leads.

I want my money back! RECEIVED BUSINESS' REBUTTAL RESPONSE :Mr **** claims that he understands that the funds he placed on his account arenon-refundable, but yet continues to argue that they should be refundedDespite Mr **** claim that InsureMe's lead quality has suddenly declined,InsureMe's lead quality has improved and percentage of credited leads hasdeclined thanks to initiatives such as additional filters and our proprietarysystem ''Bankrate Insurance Verified'' Aspreviously mentioned, Mr **** had other promotional options when signing upfor an account, from our no-obligation 15 free leads to the non-refundablematching promotion with a deposit as little as $100 InsureMehas given Mr.

**** underwriting guidelines did not allow him to write a policyfor the consumer and Mr **** submitting a credit for the wrong reason Aspreviously mentioned, many of the leads that were approved on Mr **** accountwere approved without verification The average credit request rate of InsureMeagents is 19% so our statement that Mr.

InsureMeis willing to work with Mr **** to find more effective areas and lead typesthat will hopefully improve his experience with our company As previouslystated, Mr **** was well aware of all InsureMe's promotional offers anddecided to maximize the amount he placed on the only non-refundable promotionInsureMe offers Mr **** was aware that the funds were non-refundable Norefund will be offered to Mr.

MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER :If I pay for something and it wasn’t what I paid for, I am sure thisnon-refundable clause should be waived I paid for workable leads I can provethe quality declined You are flat out lying WhenI originally spoke with your rep, she told me that I had to take advantage ofthe match on the first purchase I couldn’t test out the leads then add thefunds at a later date.

Progressivedoesn’t have underwriting guidelines that decline people for insurance This isa 100% lie The more you respond the more you seem to be digging a hole foryourself If you gave me refunds without verification, VERIFY THEM! I wasdeclined for a lead which the person was another insurance agent (by the way,this is on your list for approved credit reasons) and I told the person to do a3 way call to verify this and they refused to do it.

Asmentioned above, I was given an ultimatum to buy the leads with a bigger downpayment to get a bigger match (non-refundable) or a much smaller match Itseems as the person responding to my complaint from InsureMe is a liar and athief He/she is making up false accusations of my integrity by saying I amsubmitting lead credits that are not allowed I have been using InsureMe forthe last 4 years, off and on This is by far the worst experience I have everhad with this or any company providing leads $800seems like it is a lot of money to you guys Your principles are in the wrongplace This is proof that this company fails to understand the needs of a smallbusiness owner.

Everheard of the story where one person can cost a company millions of dollars byword of mouth? Believe me, it will cost a lot more to your company after Ispread the news of your lies and theft Toall agents that reads this complaint: I work my leads to the best of myability I turn the leads off when I am not ready for the text alerts As soonas I get it, I have tried to call, email, text, and mail them If you are notworking the leads correctly because you have a big budget or your agents doesn’tcare because it is not their money that is being wasted, you may be losing alot of money Be aware of this company and their so called new system Theleads are absolutely worse than before I hope your cautious with non-refundablepromotions If something seems too good to be true.

Your Thoughts on This Cool Reverse Mortgage Strategy for Boomers InsureMe has technologically advanced geographic, lead and consumer filters compared to many other companies They offer a personal account rep and additional resources to help make sure that you're successful in converting the leads you receive At the same time, they sell their lead 6+ times and with their partners, the lead could end up in the email boxes of 10-20 different agents There is no email address to communicate with the InsureMe company.

InsureMe has taken a four prong approach to attracting agents to its service While offering the same basic features as the competition, the company has focused on these four key areas: Over the years, InsureMe have reported one of the highest closing ratios in the industry By filtering leads and focusing on quality lead capture strategies, InsureMe is able to guarantee that each consumer is legitimately interested in buying a policy.

To start generating your leads, you need to add a credit card and make an initial deposit Their minimum deposit is currently $0 with the $100 free lead offer and is as large as $2,000 Each time your balance is 75% spent, they will charge your card for the amount of your initial deposit unless you increase your limit InsureMe.

For their auto and health leads, they have different options with preset filters and a fixed price for each option For their Home, Life and Long Term Care leads, they have a base price and customizeable filters with varying prices for each Is anyone going to the Convention (National Agents Alliance) (NAA virginia cell phone law . InsureMe even has articles about the benefits of “going green” when it comes to insurance Why would any insurance company care about this, you ask? Studies have shown policyholders who are more environmentally conscious tend to be more responsible, healthier and more mature, which in turn makes them better insurance risks Some major insurance companies now offer incentives for policyholders who make their homes more environmentally friendly or drive hybrid cars By targeting consumers who are actively looking for insurance and passing them to you in real time, we provide insurance leads that are serious, fresh and easily converted into sales Copyright 2006 - 2016 Insurance Forums. Employer-owned coverage: A long-ignored market with great potential MHO, don't waste your money even if they give you 10 free leads for everyone you buy insure me leads InsureMe has customizeable filters for some of their insurance leads and fixed filters for others insure me leads.

There are many reasons why InsureMe for Agents has risen to the top of the industry, including but not limited to: high quality product, a variety of useful tools, great customer service, and the ability to offer multiple types of leads Any search for money-saving insurance quotes should include a long and penetrating look at InsureMe Our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner has established relationships with some of the most competitive insurance companies in the business, and you can examine insurance quotes for different types of coverage that include as well as quotes for health, medical, home and life insurance .

Your information is electronically sent to compatible agencies and they can work up their best quotes You get information emailed to you literally within minutes You also can arrange for agents to contact you with their rates or more complete information about insurance options Every lead (nearly 80%) I received was a under 65 lead with wrong numbers and wrong birth dates I did close five out of the 20 or so I received but you're much better off ordering reply card leads for your money Most Recommended Insurance Lead Companies NetQuote Agents Insurance Lead & Agency Marketing Tips Precise Leads QuoteWizard .

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